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Welcome to the Official home of High Charity Soldiers

We are a free to join Platoon on Battlelog (and Expanding) we only accept members who are 17+ Yrs old
    We have a member of the month Every month starting on the First of the month and its changed at the end of every month
members of the month get a special gift from me Depending on what system their playing on Prizes are down below:


3 Month Gold membership

1600 Microsoft Points


3 Month PSN Plus membership

$20 cash Card

we are a cheat free platoon if you see any of our members Cheating in any way please report them I will give them 3 chances if they do it 3 times in session then they will be removed from the platoon.
 It is required that every member of the Platoon is part of a Squad if your not part of a squad you will be assigned one.
you must also know the rules of the Platoon (Rules are in the RULES page) please help us expand by inviting new Soldiers
to check out our platoon/family.

If you play Medal Of Honor and would like to join us feel free too
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